Manufacturers Astounded By the Performance of ETICS Pure Gold

July 22, 2015 Posted by f2r2t - No Comments

Over the last 6 – 9months we have been working with a number of manufactures to demonstrate the cleaning ability of the product.
As you will appreciate system manufacturers design the renders so they are not easily removed from any surface.  So when we showed them just how easily ETICS Pure Gold removed them they astounded at the performance.

When we talk with most people in the industry they assume the product will be acidic or caustic because this is what is currently available.  The manufacturers were the same so it came as a huge surprise when we showed them the food safe certification meaning the product is environmentally friendly and definitely not based on an acidic or caustic mix.

We are now working alongside manufacturers of the External Wall Insulation and render systems to promote best practice in cleaning down sites and using our environmentally friendly solution alongside their products.